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Thyroid Calmpound

Thyroid Calmpound Balances Excess Thyroid Function.


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American Ginseng, an herb, promotes healthy post-prandial glucose levels.

Holy Basil and Gymnema Sylvestre have been used for centuries in Ayurvedic practice for similar purposes.

Chromium assists with the maintenance of lean muscle mass in healthy individuals, and maintaining beneficial levels of HDL already in the normal range.

Used in Asia for a variety of health issues, Cinnamon also has a beneficial effect in the maintenance of already normal-range blood sugar levels in healthy people.

Supports optimal pancreatic function, promotes healthy blood sugar levels, maintains lean muscle mass and healthy HDL levels.

A proprietary blend of Bugleweed herb ((Lycopus virginicus, L. americanus, L. europaeus), Lemon Balm flowering tops (Melissa officinalis), Motherwort flowering tops (Leonurus cardiaca), also includes Certified Organic alcohol, distilled water.

Suggested Use:
30-40 drops (1.5-2 mL) in juice or water. Take 3 times per day.

Do not use if you have a hypothyroid condition. If you are pregnant, consult a qualified expert before using this product.

2 Fluid Ounces